1000m and climbing

As suddenly as we had found the warmth and hospitality of Gokay and his family, we were gone. Shooting out the door at 3 in the afternoon, it was a quick 45km to the nearby town of Seyitgazi where we pitched our tents for the night.
Our sleeping arrangements seem more and more surreal; we’re currently camped in a park slash restaurant garden, with loud music blaring over speakers. Still, I think we’re all certainly tired enough to sleep…….

Our route is in constant flux, and right now all we now for sure is that we will head to Yazilikaya tomorrow, to visit the tomb of King Midas (I think…..?).

Our last day in Eskisehir was spent cleaning and maintaining the bikes, which is when I noticed the first major problem with mine. I can only assume its a combination of high pressure tyres, high tension spokes, potholes and the higher weight of me and my stuff that has caused small cracks to appear by the nipples of my rim (that sounds weirder than it is…..). This is one of the worst things that could have happened, as along with a broken frame, this is one of the only things that we cannot fix on the road. I just hope it survives the next thousand km to Damascus. Still, I feel incredibly saddened and disappointed to see failure in part of the equipment already…..

That aside, it’s been truly sad to leave Eskisehir- I’ve never felt such hospitality, or been looked after so well by such a genuinely welcoming (and all round amazing!) family. I feel incredibly lucky and humble to have been able to meet and get to know them, and glad to have been wandering the streets looking for a hotel when they happened upon us!

It will be hard to surpass such hospitality throughout the world!


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  1. Hi Cliff Stuart and craig every time open my home next year come back see you ;)

  2. So basically, what you are really trying to tell us all, is that you are desperate for a rim job?

  3. Hear hear.

    You’ve got hard floors, cold showers, and competitive slander to look forward to… Let’s hope your nipples harden up by then!

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