27 Going on 7

After finishing cycling across Japan, what better way is there to celebrate that, and my birthday, than a trip to Disneyland.

I’m not sure if all my “dreams came true” as promised upon entering, but it sure made a nice change of pace to the usual day’s cycle.

And apart from one ride breaking down (there something about being escorted out into a concrete bunker that kinda takes away the magic), the sun shone, the rides were great, and I definitely made my money back on the lunch buffet.

Its what cycling around the world is all about.

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  1. Can’t believe that I didn’t wish you a happy birthday (just went back through the last several entries to check) – sorry.
    HAPPY Birthday!!

  2. Seriously… by the look of you guys you should be nowhere NEAR a children’s themepark!

  3. Happy Birthday Cliff! I can’t believe you have finished cycle in Japan already. Well done you. Also I can’t believe you and your friend were in Disnyland. I never seen anyone like you gouys in there>< Enjoy your day in Japan.

  4. Yay!! A theme park!!

    And, speaking as an enthusiast, I’m super jealous you got a “behind the scenes tour” after a breakdown.

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