A Stitch in Time

After yesterday’s relatively short 75k, we knew today would be longer.
And yet after discussing possible routes and options for the next leg of the trip in Japan, found ourselves only leaving camp around 9am…

Our last full day of riding along the highway, we once again made quick progress. We did however have to detour off, to pick up supplies from Taree, another sleepy town which, despite its many hotels and motels, didn’t seem to have much else. It seems strange sometimes the number of motels there are. The day wore on, and was hot, muggy and hilly. It was a late lunch, at a roadside rest area, where the ground was so waterlogged I sank into the mud.

More annoying was that the rest area 2km North of Buladelah, which had been clearly signposted since the start of the day, decided that at 10km away would have its signs painted over. How can a rest area close, we wondered. By being utterly demolished in the haze of roadside construction work. And so we went on to our usual back up in such situations- find the nearest park in the middle of a small town surrounded by housing and filled with families enjoying the playground.
At least camping in Buladelah brought one advantage- we were able to pick up the chips recommended to us by Steve.
Which were pretty good indeed.

I also got to sit around doing some sewing to repair my mesh bag. Turns out when a bag containing onions and bread rubs against your back wheel while rolling down a hillside at 45kmph, the bag doesn’t last long.
And the onion gets rather interesting tyre marks.

Tomorrow is an earlier start than usual- we’re aiming to make the 40km by 10am, to catch the morning ferry to Nelson Bay.
What could possibly go wrong.

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  1. We’re thinking of you and your roadside pasta dinner while we eat pizza and drink prosecco!

    We didn’t belive how much stuff you had to carry until we saw the picture of Jack. Pack horse springs to mind!!

    Lots of love from Jo and Charlie xxx

    1. Yeah, I make Jack carry everything so I can just cruise casually past.
      That’s not wrong, is it?

      Save me some pizza…..

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