With our new entourage, we managed to hit the road at a phenomenally early hour – 07:30! In the cool crisp morning air we cruised effortlessly down Syria’s beautifully flat roads, and into Aleppo within a couple of hours. It’s a crazy but beautiful city, and something of a relief to finally find food that I would say is cheap! Had a hearty lunch already, and will no doubt be having an equally hearty dinner too.

Syria seems like an amazing place – the people are unbelievably friendly, welcoming and helpful, and getting into the city while hectic on a bike was still a fantastic experience.

Finding somewhere to stay was something more a mission (rather finding somewhere I would consider affordable!), but we managed to settle in eventually with the help of a passing British backpacker (sadly no bike).

The biggest drawback of Syria so far is the lack of data signal for my phone, having been used to non-stop signal over the past few months.
I’m sure I’ll survive though. I hope.

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