And s-t-r-e-t-c-h….

Like a shard of glass in my tyre, this morning we finally burst free from the mountains, and onto the plateau in the heartland of Turkey.
With the knee pain getting worse, it made more sense to go back to the original plan of cutting across the flatter parts of the country, and give my knee some “rest”.
The flip side of that though is the sparseness of the landscape now. Throughout the morning, the towns we passed through were completely void of shops. The one that did have one was more of a small dark cavern, without even any water.
We took a detour to the nearest big town, and stocked up on supplies to last a couple of days. Water should (hopefully) be less of a problem than food, as there tend to be taps outside many of the plentiful mosques or cemeteries. Failing that, we should also be crossing the occasional river….

The day ended rather abruptly when Craig’s chain snapped. With so much crop land around, finding a spot to camp is a bit tricky- our current hillside spot overlooks the road, and is far from secluded. Still, we should get a nice spot of sun first thing in the morning!


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