And then there were Four.

It was a tearful farewell (as tearful as a groups of British Cyclists can be) as we set off from Aleppo this morning saying goodbye to Russ Tim and Dan, who were bus-ing it down to Beirut.
It was fantastic to be able to ride in such a group for the grand total of about 12 hours, and heading to Damascus it’s great to still have along with us Neil.

The road from Aleppo to Damascus is a straightforward 350km along some of the smoothest and flattest roads we’ve come across. The caveat however was the fact that it is also one of the main motorways across the country, with a substantial amount of traffic.

It also seemed that despite expectations of long hot dry days cycling across Syrian desert, our first proper day’s cycling brought us some of the heaviest rain we’ve cycled through all trip. This in turn helped to wash all the crud along the road and into our paths, and inevitably into my tyres. All at once I heard the unmistakably demoralising hiss from beneath me, and found out that I had no less than three simultaneous punctures, from chunks of glass.
I’ve given in now and stuck the Pasela on my rear wheel, hoping the puncture resistance holds until we reach Damascus. I’m especially hoping this, as all our tyre levers seem to have broken, leaving us in a potentially pretty tight spot…..

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