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The route we planned while sat on the cold dusty floor of our living room in Molesey years ago is a far cry from the route I ultimately cycled. But that’s the joy of a trip like this – to be able to cycle anywhere you want; to be free; to be a Meanderthal.

Even the countries we cycled through became fluid through the course of the trip. Our planning had extended to the more “practical” sides of things, namely the bike and the equipment.

With a fancy little GPS device that updated a live map on my website every 10 minutes, I have managed to save and plot the entire route that I rode, in all its long winded and winding glory.
I’ve now broken down the Trip so far into each of the following sections, with full route maps, camp locations, leg summaries and galleries. It’s a bit of a pain doing this though, so bear with me while I get around to finishing….

Western Europe »
Eastern Europe »
Turkey & Syria »
India »
Australia »
Japan »
North America »


Below is a summary map of the route in its entirety (or as far as I’ve got around to plotting). Click on one of the route legs above for more detail.

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  1. You’ve done it!!!

  2. Are you on a boat home?

  3. Hi guys, greetings from Grand Rapids. Hope things are well. Could you remind me what crossing you took into Canada and how was it? Hope Niagara is nice weather for you.



    Safe Journey

  4. What are you going to do now? Build a raft with paddles? You’d better hurry up, then!

  5. Geeez, how embarassing…nevertheless, nearly 1500m (we revert to modernity) is very impressive. And in the rain. Well done!

  6. Did you really climb 4500m today, in one day???!!! Or do I have a problem reading maps???

    1. I’d love to say we managed that.
      Unfortunately it’s your ability to read maps….
      We’ve left the modern metricised world now- we climbed 4500ft!

  7. 45.52296, 141.93655
    2011年6月27日 12:06:11

  8. 45.52164, 141.93413 !!!!

  9. Welcome to Wakkanai! Congratulations!

  10. Well done, you were not tricked into the mountain at Teshio!

    Cool and sunny day. A beautiful day is reported from Wakkanai.

  11. hope you are not drunk…

  12. Having fun at the Michi no Eki?
    …hope you are not doing more laundry…(^_^ ;

  13. Looks you are quicker than me in subway.
    Good luck and have great fun!!!

  14. Looks you had a better luck this time…or did you decide to pedal your way over water?

  15. Good luck this time!

  16. At the end of the land, Wagstaffe. Very curious whare you are gonna go from here..!

  17. O, Oh, which way are you going to go, Wards Hill Rd or Empire Bay Drive? Either way, you are gonna have to swim again!

    1. Ferry cancelled, bad weather.

  18. These waterfront routes must be really beautiful, but aren’t you going a bit too fast!? Slow down and enjoy the scenary!

    1. Yeah, we thought that when we looked at the map…
      In truth it was largely waterfront housing for the rich, thick woodlands, hills, and lots of rain…..

  19. Did you swim??

    1. We peddled really fast across

  20. Very steady going again today. Now lunch break? A couple of odd names you passed…though I wouldn’t say what..not in public. Have a great ride in the afternoon!

  21. Did you actually go off A1 to take a byroad? Change of pace, no doubt!

  22. Good you turned around. You would have hit the sea! Were you asleep?

    1. We were being blown into the sea!
      Very tough going again today…. In the saddle from 7.30am, crawling along into the wind…

  23. It seems it’s going downhill all the way! Should be easier this time.

  24. How’s the trip going Cliff ? Don’t fancy the Himalayas?

  25. Just discussing you in my marketing lesson… har har har

    1. Er… Ok!
      Glad I can help(!) :)

  26. waiting for the second leg of your journey was like awaiting a sequel to a good film or a book. i am now excited to continue enjoying your adventure which thanks to your lively narratives, photos and real-time tracking gives me a feeling of virtual reality … of being there with you. many thanks and all the best.

    Rasha from Belgrade (Serbia)

  27. Well Done! Enjoy your triumph!! ( ^_^ )V

  28. Well done cliff, keep up the fantabulous work – missing you heaps but am sure you are not really missing us at all!!

  29. Hey Clifford – we just got your postie at work, very funny. Its bloody freezing here with the snow, which you might have seen on the weather reports but then watch out, I’m sure those hills and mountains of Turkey are going to be a bit chilly! Well done and keep up the good work. Karen :)

  30. After the salty desert, the sweet mountains! Good luck!!

  31. 1200m? 1400m? Good going!! (Feel the force? I’m pushing you from behind! I did 1828m.) I see the end of the climb is near. Good luck!

  32. Did just realized you actually wanted to go to Constantinople or are you just enjoying the sunshine?

  33. I don’t know if you know this, but if you don’t turn right soon you’re going to fall into the sea. Just to warn you.

  34. Ever feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere clippers?!?!?!

  35. You are now out of woods! It was fast. Well done!
    But the Iron Gate seems very hard to open. I’m watching you live and you guys are there for over an hour! Good luck in Romania (no sweat. It looks very flat)

  36. Good! You turned around and crossed the river there! Was watching you live and thought, “oops! no! you have to cross the river there, or you will hit the end of the sandbar!” Now Budapest is just around the corner…almost! Have a good trip!

  37. Saw it snowed in the alps yesterday… bet you’re loving that.

    Tally ho

  38. My advice is to stick to the downhills! It makes cycling so much more fun.

  39. come on Gok keep it going son, see you’ve round in circles a few times, is that just for training?!

    good luck, I hear the dippers in Serbia are bang on.


  40. To the mountains! I’ve heard there’s a slight incline coming up!

    Keep the good stuff going! :-)

  41. Thought that something in the Nature Reserve had devoured you boys! Was wondering where you were going to pop up.

  42. Either there was something very interesting at Fahrhaus or you boys made a drastically long detour! Looks like you are having a wild time even if Craig is trying to kill Clifford. Things are the same here, missing you already!!! I’ll look in on you soon chaps.

  43. wiffers!

    how goes? see you’re making solid progress – will be expecting you in singers in NO time!!

    keep peddling bro, keep peddling.

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