Selle Anatomica Titanico
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Update: I’m pleased to announce that my behind has officially been sponsored by Orlando “Owner of my future children” Woods.
Thanks to him I am the proud owner of a Selle Anatomica Titanico.
Think painful leather Brooks saddle but with a cutout, so you don’t feel like you’ve lost your masculinity after a day’s cycling (or rather wish you never had any).

After 6000km so far this saddle has proven to be the most comfortable thing I’ve ever spent such a long time sat on. That’s not to say I don’t miss a good sofa, but having tried out so many saddles now, this is a real blessing. It was a real gamble going with this saddle as having received it mere days before leaving, there was rally very little time to test it out properly. Luckily it’s all worked out rather well.

I’ve left my previous lament below as a word of warning to others in the same position….


Choosing the perfect saddle has to be one of the hardest, most personal decisions when building a bike.
And sadly I’ve still yet to do so.

Specialized Alias SaddleI’ve tried out many (borrowing them where possible – buying saddles can be a costly affair), and so far found none that I “love”. The most comfortable saddle I can find so far is the Specialized Alias, which is what I currently use on my road bike. It’s lightweight (carbon shell and hollow titanium rails), padded, has a cut-out to protect those all important parts and most importantly comes in white (so it matches my frame!!). It’s also very reasonably priced compared to some.

Other saddles I’ve tried include the Selle Italia Gel Flow (which despite the hefty price tag I found no benefit to), and the trusty Brooks.
I gave the Brooks what I think was a very fair trial – put some good mileage in to break it in, looked after it, and put up with the discomfort and the constant nagging feeling in my… head that I was going to become infertile.
In the end it had to go.

my sit bones usually hurt on rides over 60-70 miles.
I’ve also measured on both a Spec Ass-ometer and the trusty bin bag of flour – smack bang in the 145 range….
FYI: I wear padded shorts, wash myself often enough(!), and while on tour use chamois cream, wipe down in evening (with anti-bac gel too), and sleep nude (er, in case that info helps…).

Saddles I’ve tried include:
Specialized Alias
Brooks B17
Specialized Toupe (&Gel)
Selle SMP Trk
Selle SMP Strike
Selle Italia Gel Flite Gel Flow

So what now? Well, I’m certainly not going to be going with the Toupe or Toupe Gel that Stu and Craig are opting for – something will break, whether it’s their saddle or themselves…


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  1. Appreciate the acknowledgement. Do I get to name them as well?

    1. Only the one we don’t like.

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