Vaccinations and Health

Healthy Body, Healthy BikeKeeping in good health has got to be one of the most important concerns when doing any sort of travlling, but is all the more a concern when repeatedly taking part in physically demanding activities.
There are plenty of simple precautions that can be taken, but not being able to control anything, there are a few vaccinations we thought would be best done before leaving.

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B (3 courses)
Rabies (3 courses, £150)
Tick Bourne Encephalitis (3 courses (£120)

Typical Rabid Dog(!)You might not need all of the above vaccines, depending on where your’re travelling – some like TBE was only a consideration because of the amount of time we’ll be spending in Europe, likley trapsing through fields in the evening attracting all sorts of buggy friends.
Rabies won’t make you immune if you’re bitten by a rabid animal, but again it’ll buy you some time which could be vital if you’re savaged by a beast like Heinz.

The costs of these vary a lot from clinic to clinic – we went to our GPs which had travel clinics in them. Even then, not every place will offer the same vaccinations (Stu and Craig were told to go somewhere else for the TBE vaccines).
It’s also a good idea to shop around when filling out some prescriptions, as different pharmacies can charge different amounts for private scripts.


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