StamptasticOne of the joys of being British (and spending much of the time travelling through Europe) is that there are a minimal number of visas we need to sort out for the entire trip.
Craig’s compiled a list of all the visas requirements, costs and embassy locations (which can be viewed here), and from the looks of it the Chinese visa should be the only slight issue, based on its validity of 6 months and the fact that it’ll take sometime longer than that to get there!
Looks like the best bet is to try and apply for one while pit-stopping in Singapore.

Update from the Road: all change now, with the most visa heavy part of the tour now diverted.
With countries like Singapore and Japan requiring no advance visa application, life is a lot simpler.

Australia and the USA are the only countries still requiring advance application, but the process is so much simpler.

For European citizens, it’s as simple as filling in a form online a few weeks before entering the country on the Australian Electronic Travel Authority website. This allows entry into the country for up to three months.

American applications are similar, but do incur a small processing fee. The Department of Homeland Security website run a Electronic system for Travel Authorisation (ESTA), for those who wish to enter the country under the visa waiver program. Again, most European countries and a few others are eligible to apply for this entry, and avoid applying for a visa.
The only caveat it would seem is that this allows for no more than 3 months entry in the States, with no real option for extension (although leaving and re-entering may be an option).


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