The Eagle Diaries

Welcome to The Eagle diaries.

Shortly after I set off from the UK back in August 2010, Jack boarded a train with his Tricross, and joined us for a week long tour through Germany which he’ll never forget.

The outcome of that (aside from his deciding to join me on the rest of my trip through Australia, Japan and North America), was the Eagle Diaries – a frighteningly enjoyable insight into his mind, and the trip.

The Eagle Diaries Part 2 and the rest of Jack’s personal site can be found at

When I have more time I will transcribe these pages into something more legible, but in the meantime, enjoy….

The Eagle Diaries

[img src= Diaries01.jpg]70Page 1
4/9/10<br /><br />-7.53 from Newark Northgate to London KC, had to check bike into goods can<br /><br />10:57 - 14:03 Brussels<br /><br />Some and ticket purchasing in Brussels<br /><br />16:228 tp Koln<br /><br />Cliff text say he would not make it to Koln. Now meeting in Neuss
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