Austria is wet!

We’ve been in Austria for 4 days now, and so far my conclusions of the country are:
Its beautiful but wet
There aren’t many food shops
Food is expensive
It’s really rather wet.

Camping has become an interesting obstacle too now- as we follow the Donau along its fantastically tarmac’d roads, we’re faced with mountains on one side and the thundering river on the other.
Steep banks and steep valley sides- despite the sparsely populated country camping wild is not so easy for three people.

The wind rain and occasional puncture also doesn’t help the situation!

Vienna is just on the horizon now though, no more than about 115km away. Once there, we’ll be able to hopefully relax, enjoy the city and indulge in some much needed warmth!

Until then, its all about being creative with the little food we find, and the places we have to cook it!