Back to Honshu…

Although the opportunity to sleep through as late as I wanted came this morning, my body was clearly too used to getting up at 6. It had been a surprisingly good night’s sleep- the relative emptiness of the room meant that I could sprawl out the entirety of my body, and get comfortable.

The remainder of the ferry ride was enjoyable and quick enough, with another (awful) film showing in the morning, and the bath beckoning one more time before lunch.
We pulled into Oarai, and instantly the change in the air was noticeable. Even with a gentle sea breeze, the heat and humidity wafted over us and instantly sent our skin slick with sweat and rendering the recent bath useless.

Heading off, all we aimed to do this afternoon was find a decent spot to camp to position ourselves strategically for an early attack on Tokyo. In other words anywhere with a patch of ground large enough for a tent.
We found an ideal spot, an old park by the lakeside, flat, soft, and seemingly more or less abandoned. Another park which has been forgotten and slipped into disrepair, the car park actually becoming a rubbish tip.

A misty haze sat on the lake’s edge and made it feel distinctly autumnal. But the real season was quickly confirmed by the continual warm breeze. After a delicious final meal of rice and eel, we set up the tents for the last time in Japan, before grabbing a cold drink from the ever present vending machine.

And now at night, the distant lights of the city are just visible on the far side of the lake. Its too hot to get into the tent… Then again the mosquitoes are driving me nuts.
Nibblers aside, there couldn’t have been a better last campsite for Japan…

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  1. is that some kind a fly whisk in jacks hand, and, as i study the picture, a high heels shoe box at his feet.
    sounds like you guys have had some good fun in japan. me jealous.

  2. welcome back to the real summer goodness!

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