Belgrade Bop

I miss sofas. They’re such wonderful things. To lose yourself in one, sprawled out and completely enveloped by it… Wonderful.
The road from Sombor to Belgrade over Novi Sad was long, wet and windy on both days. Riding alongside such busy roads can be incredibly tiring – with just a couple of feet of space along the side of the road, the cars impatience doesn’t allow much leeway. And when the side of the road is more often than not crumbling into the muddy verge, or completely submerged as was the case today, then the miles drag on very slowly.

We made it though, both the 100km first to Novi Sad, and today the remaining 70ish km to Belgrade. On arriving, we eventually found ourselves walking through the streets of Belgrade looking for a place to stay, thoroughly wet and cold. Alas, Serbia is rather expensive, and no more so in Belgrade. But we found nice cheap hostel, warmed ourselves, and now I am happily slumped on a sofa…

Another city down, and tomorrow on towards Bulgaria, despite the continued predicted wind and rain…


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