Bike Building in Tokyo

Its not often I stay in hotels, and when I do its certainly not usually for more. than one night. But being in Tokyo for a couple of nights before setting off on the tour, I thought I’d do the conscientious thing and request the room to be left (rather than having my towels washed each day). Instead of coming back to the room as I left it, and the chance to reuse the towel, there was a typically Japanese gift hanging in a bag from the door handle. Fresh replacements of everything: towels, toothbruses, razors, tea bags, and a whole pack of tissues…. Everything packaged in their own plastic wrappings and bags.
I think I have in fact inadvertently created even more waste….

Our first day in Japan was nicely productive. The bikes are built up and serviced, being lucky enough to have space on dad’s balcony to build them up. All nice and shiny and ready for a test ride tomorrow, before we head off on the ride on Wednesday. And leaving so soon, its also good that we’ve finally made a decision about where we’re cycling- North to Hokkaido, along the Western coast of Japan.
Added to that, we’ve even bought maps for once, and checked out supermarkets and convenience stores to get an idea of our diet over the next month, and what we can afford. It’ll be a bit different from the last time I cycled in Japan. Back then I could buy whatever food took my fancy. Back then I had a job.
This may be the first country I’ve cycled through where the £15 a day (¥2000) has to be raised, but hopefully not. Or perhaps I’ll go on a much needed diet.


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