Breaktime in Budapest

And so tomorrow, we get back onto the road. A week off in the city feels now like a hazy memory.
The chance to rest and work on the bike has of course been much needed. But part of me cannot wait to get back on- staying in one place for so long makes me feel restless, and such a city almost claustrophobic. The people here are nothing but kind and helpful. Hungary is a beautiful country, and Budapest stunning. Yet the intense oppression of a city, with its 2 million inhabitants and what feels like another 2 million tourists becomes as thick as the veil of smog that hovers above. And this is only Budapest!
Sitting in a cafe, there was that horrible suspicion that every, single, person in there was a tourist. Brits on one side, Germans on another, and Americans inbetween.
I wonder whether it grates on people here, to constantly have to speak english. I feel like a typical tourist, speaking no local language, being greeted in english. And nobody likes a tourist. I gaze with tired, disinterested eyes at the stall holders and menus in english. I miss the anonymity of the countryside.

But now looking ahead, down the Danube, I wonder whether I’ll feel the same tomorrow….

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  1. Look like Cliff needs a hug!

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