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After getting hold of a golden gun, and holding people at hostage, I remember very clearly trying to sleep, and being woken by the police, who I asked to let me sleep for just another half an hour.
Perhaps it’s no coincidence that these dreams are after the first time I’ve played video games…? Or maybe I was just tired enough to dream of sleep.

Once we had breakfast and I re-tied my shoe back together, we headed straight onto the Erie Canal Path, which will lead all the way through Northern New York before we reach the Hudson. The trail isn’t the asphalt that we’ve been so lucky to have in the past, but of course it’s nice to cycle on such quiet and beautiful paths.

We had set off rather late this morning anyway, and with a the crunching of gravel and dust underneath, and the slight headwing still blowing against us, it was a certainly not a day of racing manically to rack up the miles. Despite contacting 5 people off WarmShowers in Rochester, we hadn’t been able to find a host, and so it was instead that we were going to just pitch up somewhere in the ample grassy verge by the side of the path.
I suppose it’s these ways which play out, to result in hugely different outcomes of the day…. Because no one replied, we planned to stop early. The first town we checked though didn’t have a supermarket, so we decided to head on another 15 miles to the next town. By the time we finished our shopping it was after 5, and we were eager to stop. Jack decided to buy a spare innertube after yesterdays punctures, and we thought we’d ask the owner if he knew the best place to pitch up our tents.

Well, just a short ride further down the path, we turned off and set up our tents in his garden. My only concern was if he didn’t make it home that evening until late, we were going to have to find a private spot to use as a toilet….
Luckily that wasn’t an issue, and packing away the remnants of dinner, we joined him inside for some Nascar and a drink. He and his partner were both only midly interested in the race, but with sudden outbursts of enthusiasm. With his neighbour there too, it felt like my mind was going to explode trying to keep track of everyone’s conversation, everyone telling a story, asking a question or exclaiming at the tv (which had been turned right up, presumably so that it could be heard over the talking). Of course with all that noise I found myself talking louder and louder too, still not having a clue what anyone was talking about or what was going on in the race.
For those wondering, I believe Jeff Gordon in the 24 car was in first place (which according to cries of delight was a very good thing).

Eventually we extricated ourselves and headed out into the cold wet moonlit night. After only a couple of hours outside in the darkness our tents were dripping with condensation.
Perhaps it wasn’t the early night that I was expecting, but I’d have chosen this over a bit more sleep any day.

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  1. Now let me think back to Psych 101 – dreams about golden guns, eh?
    I think you’ll be alright in the long run.
    Cheers, Geoff.

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