Budapest and/or Bust

With the length of time we’re staying in Budapest, we never expected to stay there that long. But the smooth, asphalt roads of Hungary have made a pleasant change from the hit and miss bike paths we’ve been following for so long now.

Before long, we found ourselves on the outskirts of Budapest, suburban sprawl reducing our chances at finding somewhere suitable to camp. And just as we were deciding what to do, about 30km from the city, an ill timed spot of day dreaming made me lose attention and slam into the back of Craig’s bike. Luckily he came out fine. Unfortunately my bike suffered from a broken spoke, the first on our trip. Although not difficult to fix (our abundance of spares and tools saw to that), it meant sitting by the roadside for half an hour, as the sun set down.

And so we decided to push on, and find somewhere to stay within the city. The evening glow made for a beautiful backdrop between hillsides, as we rolled up and down the roads into town. And finally, entering Budapest, crossing the beautifully illuminated chain bridge, and reaching a hostel, we were able to get off our bikes, not having to get back on for the longest time yet…

Bedtime in Budapest.


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