2000km and an (un)healthy serving of dust, dirt and traffic later, we rolled in Calcutta to finish another day and another country.
Despite the chaotic road system, and the impenetrable traffic jams we made it into the city, or as close to the airport as we could manage. The usual process then ensued, trying to find somewhere comfortable and decent for the next couple of days. Perseverance pays off, after going into all manner of places being offered dark and dingy rooms for unreasonable prices I managed to negotiate a room in a nice place at a very affordable price.

And with another country crossed, its decision time as to what to do next. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and for various reasons including my knees, money and timings, have decided to sacrifice a large portion of the trip for now, and continue from here straight on to Japan. Via singapore of course, for an undisclosed amount of time.

But before any of that can happen, its a case of packing everything up.
That means trawling the streets of Calcutta looking for materials to securely pack up a bike. Not easy, when every scrap is immediately collected for reuse/sale, or instantly amalgamated into the countless rubbish piles around the streets.
And of course getting my fill of curry before leaving the country!


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