Camping in Romania

On our fifth night in a row wild camping, some things get easier, and some things more noticeable. But despite the number of times we do it, it can still be tricky to find spots big enough for 3.
Especially in Romania, where every field seems to have someone busily working away, finding a secluded spot can be difficult…
Romania also seems permanently encased in a mist. Every morning and evening its the same, with the day filled with the smoke from people’s fires… Getting out the tent to go to the toilet can b e a disorientating experience in the dark fog filled woods….

Today we finished our cycling early, and had the time to choose out somewhere nice, before heading down the road to cook up dinner.
Even then, people kept stopping to talk to us, offering directions, or in one case (we think), the driver of a cart stopped for a chat about the weather, and the impending rain cloud. He also jovially mocked the fact that we were wearing shorts, while he was clad in his warmest sheep skin coat and hat. A nice guy.

Tonight is the first in a while I would call warm (I think the temp read 10 degrees when we were setting up tent). Its a welcome relief to not have to pull the sleeping bag over your eyes.
Though I think that’s exactly what I’ll do right now…

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  1. You say fifth night in a row as if it’s a BAD thing!

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