The hunt for packing materials continued today, cycling around the city looking for things that would make up a suitable box. Unfortunately its not as easy a situation as back home, or in Syria where we were able to get a purpose designed cardboard bike box.
We started with a trip to the airport, to check whether either the airline or the cargo department might have boxes we could use, but to no avail. It did however give us the opportunity to use a bicycle rickshaw, a slightly humbling experience. There’s an immense feeling of guilt as someone strains to pull two big guys in the back of a steel rickshaw for about 10 minutes and asks for only about 50p…Airport option exhausted, we jumped on our own bike and explored the city, eventually finding what we need in a variety of stores- plastic sheeting, rope, and old cardboard.
With that, we were able to lash together a box (of sorts) for the bike. Compact and tied together nicely, but I’ll be happy when I’m on the other end and the bike arrives in one piece….
Its a long and arduous process, probably one of the most tedious parts of cycle touring involving flights. Especially when having to travel around such a dusty city. 

The day would have ended nicely, had it not been for me walking out onto the street in a groggy state, and losing my footing, gashing my foot and spraining my ankle. The first time since I’ve left that I injured myself, and I wasn’t even cycling!



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