No Smiling Please, We’re British

I’m now the proud owner of a British Passport, complete with a “jumbo” number of pages and a picture of pure misery and stoicism. It’s good to have gone native.

Fun with Frames

Our Thorn Sherpa framesets have finally arrived, which means we can finally make a start on some serious bike building. Ok, so we’ve still not got wheels or handlebars, but hey, those are luxury items. Just look how happy Stu is(!) [Slideshow to follow]


…Was probably something we should have looked more closely at a long time ago… Since it now turns out that we basically have none. Some serious re-budgeting is in order, if we’re still hoping to make this work.

Pain in the arm…

There’s nothing like the sting of immunisations, in the arm and in the wallet, to bring home the reality of the trip. £170 for a rabies shot? Screw that:-  has anyone got a wild salivating dog I can borrow for half an hour?!

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

So at least there’s one good use of the cold snap – a successful test of our gear in cold weather. -5°c and thick snow meant iced up water bottles, and a pillow which freakishly froze into a contorted mess, but otherwise no major loss of toes.


The knees seem to work. What a surprise… now I just need to motivate myself to get off my arse, stop eating ice cream, and maintain my recent level of fitness. Hoo yah.

Scared of Pain

As much as broken bones hurt, as much as casts itch and slings bind, it’s the uncertainty that’s left which is most difficult. The hesitation when hurtling down hills – your knees remember the pain of grit on skin, of the dull thuds. The tyre sticking into the rut in the road. The flash as ...