Chilli Beans

Today was a pretty good day, despite the horrendously slow start. Perhaps it was the wonderful comfort of the hostel we were in, or the last minute route mapping, but we didn’t set off until after midday. And even then, getting out of Belgrade was another issue- despite the good signage, the traffic and hustle and bustle of the city meant we had to fight our way out, and scramble amongst the cars racing over the bridge. Even when we took a wrong turn, a nice helpful truck driver told us (in Serbian of course) to follow him to get back onto the main road.
Once on the E70, we picked up speed- the roads were quiet, comfortable and well maintained, so with the sunny weather today really was a stark contrast with the day we entered Belgrade.

We made up the 80k without too much difficulty, aside from a few dogs which have now decided to start chasing us. I wouldn’t mind, but I’m worried I’m going to hit one of them….

And now, camped in a forest off the main road cutting through a nature reserve, its really rather peaceful.
The moon is so bright the side of my tent is glowing, the moonlight casting shadow figures on the green canvas…

Yes, there were ominously a few bones when we were clearing the ground, along with some slightly lumpy ground. But with my new sleeping pad, I laugh at lumps. Though that may have more to do with me losing my mind…

The downside is that the first sign of the chills to come are more and more apparent… Despite the sun, the moment it set the cold began. After only a couple of hours it fell to 2 degrees, and with the clear skies it will only get colder.
Thank God I have my furry hat!


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  1. Worried about dogs chasing you?! Just wait until Tyra sinks her rabid fangs into you!

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