Come To The World next Door

After a delicious breakfast of french toast and maple syrup (the good stuff), we hit the road and headed on our way out of Canada. We were guided out of the city by Paul, along some amazing paved canal paths leading toward the falls. The canals themselves are rather different from those around South East England. Giant freighter ships fill the entire lock, towering over everything as they’re raised higher. I definitely wouldn’t want to be in my canoe next to one of these….

Almost as soon as we reached the Niagra Falls, we pushed through the mist that descended onto the streets, and almost immediately burst through into brilliant sunshine. I certainly wouldn’t want to suggest that Canada is anything other than nice, but it seemed something of a coincidence that the dark skies that have glowered over us since the day we reached Canada, lifted so suddenly.

The waterfalls themselves, which I know I’d seen when I was younger and living in the States, were of course still stunning. I have only the vaguest of memories of it though – of leaning against the railings, and of oma being there worried I’d climb over. Of being on the “Maid of the Mist” as it cruises up to the falls, and being soaked. And of course of the Canadian Tourism TV commercial from the 1980’s, with the jingle that even today I still sometimes find myself humming: “Come to the World, next door….”

And so we headed on over the Rainbow Bridge and back into the sunny States. Strange to think that this is the last State that I’ll be cycling in…
Once through immigration and after picking up the usual free State map to navigate with, we headed toward Lockport, where the Eerie Canal path begins, and heads East across upstate New York. It would’ve been a straightforward ride along some fairly busy streets, were it not for the punctures which Jack had. I guess the patches didn’t really hold, because 2 minutes later we were stopped under the shade of another tree. An Airforce base was nearby, and jets were screaming past in formation doing those manoeuvres which look utterly impossible, and somehow rather impressive.
It also gave me the chance to sit under the tree in the cool breeze, and think back to all the annoying and troublesome punctures we’ve had over the year. I remember Craig’s with the first puncture of the trip in Germany, and all the ones since then on our slowly disintegrating Gatorskins.
I wonder if I’ll have anymore in the next 10 days…

There’s probably not that many reasons to visit the city of Lockport for most people, but for us we had the chance to stay with someone from a local video game store. I think it’s fair to say that neither Jack nor I are the most video game savvy of people, but when there’s a Mario Kart tournament on the Nintendo Wii going on, we thought we’d show the teenage yanks a thing or two.

Of course we were both eliminated in the first round, but in a way I’m glad. Being in a small, dark room with tv screens blaring and noise thundering around you, surrounded by kids hopped up on sugar, I couldn’t help but feel a bit out of place.
Once again, beginning to feel a bit old….

Luckily I was able to drown my sorrows with a very large pizza.
If only everything were that easy to solve.

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  1. today is Sep 13 NY time (four days after posting of the journal) I realized there is now a full story. And the cat! I’ve waited for so long for its appearance.

    Welcome to New York belatedly. Ah, the upstate New York, a good place to be for skiing.

  2. good to see cat again.
    your breakfasts are sounding very nice these days, a long way from soggy bread and frozen chocolate spread.

    1. Are you kidding? I miss that chocolate spread that needed to be chipped away each morning, and then bread that was crushed under your cargo nets.
      My favourite breakfast had to be that really windy day in Turkey- the butter kept filling with dust.

      1. made even sweeter by having survived the night: neither blown away nor ploughed in.
        if you miss it that much then ill put some bread, spread and dirt in the post for you, 2nd class, should be just about ready for when you get back.
        by the way your posts are getting much more imaginative lately, are you sure you didnt lick maple syrup off the floor?

  3. It’s now the next day and I got the whole story – obviously my computer needed a bit of a rest last night; all it had to do was ask!

  4. Did you fall asleep in the middle of your sentence? That’s OK if you did. You’ve been travelliing for a long, long time and distance.

    By the way, how did you like it revisting Niagara Falls after 25 years?

  5. Something seems amiss – that post ended suddenly with no offer ‘to read more’, and no pics. Will catch you tomorrow :)

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