Do Cats Eat Bats? Do Cats Eat Bats? Do Bats Eat Cats?

I wouldn’t really suggest staying up to watch NASCAR and drinking beer for those wanting to cycle a full day. By the time we crawled into our tents, neither of us were in the mood to be packing up and cycling off at the crack of dawn. So just after 8 the next morning, we dragged ourselves out of the dew covered tents and set about with our morning rituals of coffee and porridge. Before long, the neighbouring kid had come out for a chat, and was soon hovering around asking a thousand questions, in between chasing after his dog and running about the garden.
Hunched over my coffee, never before had I wondered in as much amazement how children have so much coffee. Eventually, after the dog had covered me in grass and dew, his mother came out, and shortly afterwards Russell (whose bike shop we stopped off in last night) and his dog Sprocket. It was far from an efficient morning, with all the conversation and dog chasing, but after Jack washed the dog pee off his tent, and we were showered with gifts of peanuts and tea bags, we headed on.

Our first stop was in Rochester for lunch, working our way through the city to get to the Dinosaur BBQ, something people have been telling us about for a few days. Sadly not real dinosaur ribs (nor the cheapest way to eat), it was still a delicious and meaty lunch.

It feels like we’ve had all sorts of weather today, starting off burning hot with a gentle tailwind, moving on to cool with a slight headwind, followed by heavy rain, grey cloud, and finally clear skies and a pleasant evening, as we cooked up our dinner of chili and beans in the park.

As well as the mosquitoes that have reappeared tonight for the first time in a while, we also seem to see a lot of cats skulking through where we camp, whether its in a park, a garden, or by the side of the road, not to mention all the people we’ve stayed with who’ve had a cat or five. We even had some sunning themselves by the canal path, which freaked out a little bit as Jack rumbled closer.
There are a lot of cats in America.
That’s a good thing.

And as the post’s title suggests, there are also bats, fluttering throughout the trees tonight.. Unlike Alice however, I have no belief that either will eat the other. Probably.

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  1. …how children have so much coffee?! Coffee on the brain, my friend…

  2. Cats eat Rats and Bats hit balls…hmmm it doesn’t rhyme.

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