End of the Yellow Brick Road‏

And so we’ve reached the end of the road, and our adventure in Oz….

After the eventful morning, yesterday, we found our way through ever persistent wind, rain, traffic and eventually darkness, until we arrived at Ash’s house.
Yes, not the city centre of Sydney, but after nearly 3000km along the East Coast a destination I’m grateful for.

The last stretch from Palm Beach was some of the worst weather I’d ever cycled through, but knowing there was a warm shower and bed waiting made the skin soaked conditions and blinding gales a minor inconvenience.

Its taken just under 5 weeks to reach here from Cairns. Not too sure on the distance, but I’m pretty sure it was “far” – not too shy of 3000km I imagine?

Australia’s been an amazing country to cycle though, and even though it’s been the country I’ve spent the single longest time or distance in, it feels like its shot by.
A mixture no doubt of beautiful country, friendly people, smooth riding, comfortable rest area, fresh coffee every morning and ginger nut biscuits.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped us on our way through the country. We couldn’t have done it without your help, advice, hospitality, maps and friendship.

Time for some well earned time off again, enjoying Sydney, resting the muscles and getting ready for the next leg: Japan.

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  1. Hello, Cliff. You look very fit.I was wondering when you are going to Japan. We have booked ticket to Japan 25th Aug. Will you be there when we arrived there? If you are that will be fantastic. X

    1. Hi Atsuki! Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll still be in Japan, but somewhere in the USA instead. I don’t know our route through Japan yet, but I think Sleepy.ab are playing in Tokyo in the beginning of July, so I’m very much hoping to see them!
      Nice to hear from you!!x

  2. According to my calculation, you’ve done 2,806.8km! Sugoi!!

  3. PS: Good looking shirt, too.

  4. Hey Guys, lokking good among the bins!
    Well done!!!

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