After a somewhat disturbed night’s sleep by the busy road, we hit the road expecting to take on the brunt of the mountainside. Instead, we found that we had a reasonable day’s ride, but into a powerful headwind. The going was slow, but we decided to push on to Eskisehir where we thought we’d treat ourselves to a hotel before crossing the plateau at the heartland of Turkey.
On the way, we passed a stopped car by the side of the road, and a short while later a man sullenly walking by. Thinking he may have run out of petrol, we offered him our “benzine”, and he gratefully accepted. It seems like the litre we carry with us for cooking was enough to get the family on the road, and the old man laid across the back seat blew kisses and waved gratefully back at us as they slowly rolled away.

I’d like to think that this good deed was repaid later, when we were looking for a hotel in the city. After several enquiries of places to expensive, or too unsuitable for our bikes (“just leave them on the street, it’s ok”), we were approached by a motorbike. Turns out it was two pro Turkish cyclists Gokay and Eda, who offered us a place to stay, unsurpassed hospitality, and some much needed advice on cycling through Turkey!
And after an amazing trip to a hamam, a day off is in order now before we continue on our way.


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  1. What do you get when you cross a monk with a smurf?

    Cliff in Turkey.

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