Feeling Okey

I knew it would be tough today to cycle while not feeling very well, but I’ve never before had to climb 1000m up on an empty stomach, with absolutely no energy. I’ve not really had any appetite to stomach any food (or even much water) over the last couple of days having not felt very well. It’s been the first time on this trip where I’ve fallen ill, though at least despite the cramps and temperature there has been no vomiting or… “other” issues.

After a whopping 15km or so, we were desperate for some water given the intense heat again, and stopped in a small mountaintop town Hasanbeyli. Within seconds a crowd had gathered around us, and it wasn’t long before we were ushered indoors and offered more cups of Cay (or in my case hot orange, which was the first thing I could really stomach). Soon we found ourselves playing Okey, a sort of Turkish Rummy, only with far more rules and stress than I ever remember from childhood! Still, it was a nice distraction from an otherwise exhausting day. Just shy of the mountaintop now, tomorrow should be our penultimate day in Turkey. Its strange to think about leaving, we’ve been here so long. Like following the Danube for so long, you become accustomed to the constants in an otherwise incredibly varied way of life, and it will be sad to leave…

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  1. Get past Cliff Good Luck ;) Say hello Stuuuuuuuuuu and Craig

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