Finding Turkey: Bulgarian Roads pt The Last

Through the morning fog, it was hard to believe there’s anything beyond the mist.
When we arrived in Elhovo last night it was the same story- the day had started well, but the rough roads and puncture to Craig’s bike meant we didn’t arrive to town until late. Finding a hotel was then a tricky notion, with one deciding that they only had the vip room available after first offering us another. The next hotel which we followed directions to was closed, as were the two others that we then followed the owner to.
In short we eventually checked into a cheap place with a room where the power kept going out, but was at least sheltered from the cold and damp.

Leaving Elhovo on the same route 7 finally led to better road conditions (cycling along the route to Elhovo more closely resembled a bucking bronco). Despite that and it being very quiet, a steady climb and Craig’s gradual decline meant a slow day in reaching the border. Our route to Turkey hasn’t necessarily been the fastest or easiest, but it has been a nice quiet alternative to the roads that people always worry about leading into Erdine.

The sun briefly burnt through the fog, long enough to see the back of a 3km long queue of lorries (that we happily zipped by). But by the time we arrived at the border control point, temperatures were dropping and the long control process (passports were checked at 6 different times), meant the fog started to roll in by the time we got through customs. When we eventually came out into Turkey, we could barely see the road ahead of us, and with Craig now looking like he might pass out, we pulled into the first hotel we saw. Overpriced and seemingly unfinished, it was still a necessary cost given the situation. The fog has once again settled firmly upon us. Hopefully it lifts, before we continue on the few hundred km to Istanbul…


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