Hama Brothers

The day looked set to be slow from the beginning, with Stu appearing a whiter shade of pale and lethargic. As we rolled on, he became weaker and weaker, and we began to realise that he just wasn’t going to make it that much further. Most likely a spot of mild food poisoning, from one of the many bits of food we’ve eaten en route.
With that in mind, we headed for Hama, to check into yet another cheap hotel for a night.

In between the cars reversing the wrong way up a hardshoulder, and the vans screaming by with their horns blasting and enormous stencils boasting things such as “Toastmaster”, there was still the friendly waves and shouts of people along the roadside as we cycled on.

Hama itself seems great- plenty of fresh falafel stands, juice bars, interesting architecture, markets…
The strangest thing about being in a city like this is not the surroundings themselves, but rather the people. Inside the hotel.
It seems the entire population of the hostel in Aleppo have made their way here, and set up camp in the same spot. The drawback, it would seem of the Lonely Planet guides.

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