Hanging at the 7-Eleven…

We left the Rider’s House with 95km to do, and the knowledge that we had until 5pm to make it there, before the promised hospitality of a couchsurfer became available. I hadn’t dared to believe the weather report from the night before saying that the winds would be blowing in our favour, but straight away we found a tailwind pushing us easily along.

With all this time to kill, we took it easy, stopping off for naps in the warm sun along the way, and as always eating a lot of food. Before long though we were mere minutes from our destination, and so spent the rest of the time propped up by the 7-Eleven, standing around in our lycra, eating ice cream, and generally looking tough…

Tomorrow will be our last day in Hokkaido, before we catch a ferry back South. It’ll be strange leaving, and stranger still arriving in the heat and Humidity of Tokyo after enjoying the relative cool of the North.

Img01986-20110701-1645 Img01975-20110701-1016 Img01976-20110701-1031

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  1. Kliff…

    I can’t work out whether you’re looking uber-cool or being a disco slut. Maybe a bit of both, with that lolly in your mouth.

    Jack, what a beard! The photo made me jump. Maybe it’s the way you’re holding it. You look like a bastardised form of Father Christmas!

    All the best!


  2. hmmm…tough looking bearded guy…with a child’s prize in his hands…

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