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It’s been moderately busy out on the roads this Labour Day weekend, even on the fairly minor roads we’ve taken a lot of the time. Leaving the city of Flint itself was pretty quiet, though going its reputation as America’s most dangerous city as we heard, perhaps we were lucky to get out alive(!)

Labour Day also seems to mark the end of summer here in America with the kids going back to school the following day. Strange to think the iconic yellow school buses of North America that seemed huddled together in quiet corners of schools will soon be contenders for roadside space as well.

Certainly this weekend though, whether out of coincidence or purely because I was subconsciously looking out for it, I started to notice the change in the trees. Yellowing leaves had started to form around the outer branches, some even rustling down amidst the tailwind that we had all during the day. It felt strange thinking that apart from the nights in Eastern Europe leaving our tents crisp with formation of ice, I’ve experienced near perpetual summer since I started this trip. Throughout most of Europe, India, Australia, Japan and now America, the sun has shone, humidity has often shrouded us, and mosquitoes have tasted our blood and wanted more.

I’m not going to compare the falling of the leaves to the ending of this tour. That would be stupid. And make me cringe.
But it’s nice at least to think how long the summer has lasted, as if it were one long summer vacation.
Nope, still cringing.

Today should, however, be our last day in the USA. For now.
Entering Canada tomorrow, we should skirt through South Ontario (through some towns with pretty cool names…) Before arriving in upstate New York.
Hopefully my equipment can last just a little bit longer, with my shoes needing new zip ties today (the plastic wore through at the cleats), and my rear tyre needing fixing. The long gash left by the nail that tore such a deep hole in my tyre a few weeks ago is still there, rocks and glass getting stuck in and occasionally puncturing through. Hopefully the patches, and the gash which I’ve filled with glue, rubber strips and duct tape will hold out a little bit longer.

I refuse to spend anymore money I don’t have to.

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