Hippo Round-Round

“Hello, me Hippo again.
Hippo happy you join Hippo mission to fight hunger.
But now Hippo need more munchies to fight hunger.
Hippo say mouth round, stomach round, world round. So, Hippo make munchies also round-round.
Hippo say hunger give world hard time. Eat Round-Round munchies and give hunger a hard time.
Because what go round must come round, ho ho ho!


Hippo fan of Gujarati mango chutney
Hippo go to Gujarat and see people fighting with sticks in circle. But they only play Dandiya. So, Hippo make Gujarati Mango Chutney munchies. They taste tangy-spicy and be round-round. Now you eat them to play non-stop dandiya in circle.”

There’s a lot of stuff I’ll miss about India. Among that list are some of the insane adverts and products they have. Hippo Round-Rounds, a truly awful snack but with great adverts.
Thums Up- a cola that when I first drank it, tasted like it was mixed with sandlewood incense.
And of course Parle G’s, the “world’s best selling biscuit”, sold with the face of a creepy child.

And for those who want to know more about that weird hippo….

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  1. hipoo round-round is a wonderful concept. The verities of snack and flavors are very different and nice. Look forward to many more -we the family enjoyed.

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