How not to spend the day around the Slovak/Hungarian border

An interesting day.
What started out as an early rise on the banks of a dam just South of Bratislava, with a nice (or rather simply plentiful) cooked breakfast turned out to be a very, long, day.
When we finally left, the headwind had not abated at all. In fact, it had grown stronger, and at an average of about 13kmph we trudged slowly and painfully on, stopping only to put our weird and wonderful head warmers on and for Craig to try to play with a local kitty. He failed.
On we continued, for what felt like hours, until there was no more road. We had gone the wrong way, for what be the first time that day.
Hours later, and with snacks running out we found a lone Slovakian grocers, and scraped together our pennies to buy some biscuits and an emergency loaf of bread- we had of course had the foresight yesterday in Bratislava to find a bank to change our Euros over into Forints, before missing the turning for the Hungarian border and being stuck in Slovakia for one more day.

Hunger satiated temporarily, we soon found the bridge crossing the border, but before long were led onto a no-cyclist carriagway. Not to fear, there was a bicycle path leading the direction we wanted to go. But sadly this consisted of an embankment of sand and pebbles, where our main thoughts of which side to ride on were determined by the steepness of the sides, and which side would be less dangerous if we fell, and fall we all did.

After several wrong turns and a skiddish few kilometers, we made it to a settlement. Not only that, but we managed to find a shop where we could buy supplies! The shop keeper even (in German), directed us to where we could find a hotel. Pah, not for us we thought, until we left the shop and were confronted by the sudden downpour.

And so we pressed on to what we thought was Gyor, but was in fact a tiny village with a pub and one young guy who in very broken English directed us onwards to the ACTUAL Gyor.
The rain didn’t stop, but in short we found it, had an amazing dinner (I licked the plates clean- sorry mum), and am now dry, warm and in bed while the rain thunders on.
And in the morning, we shall find out exactly how bad these toxic floods are that have been reported to be washing across the land and into the Danube just South of where we are…

An interesting day.

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  1. Glad that you guys are all still alive and kicking!
    Sounds like the adventure so far has been tough. I am finding it fascinating reading and am also trying to keep Craig/Stu’s Mum up to date with stuff!
    Sounds typical Craig to stop and pet a local cat.
    Hope you’re all well and keeping safe :)

  2. If you were really hungry, you’d have EATEN the plates.

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