If only these biscuits had less dust…

With all the delays at the ferry, our afternoon didn’t begin until 3.30. Every time the ferry slash propelled dock landed, a “ramp” was hurridly shovelled into place. Hi tech.
By the time we reached the other side, the wind had really picked up, and slowed our progress further… We pushed on to the next big town across bumpy roads, where we stocked up with enough food and water to see us through the next few days. Once we enter the Iron Gates, we don’t expect to see many shops, especially considering how few shops we see throughout the “busier” parts of Serbia.

Even with the food, we still hope to find somewhere to get lunch as cheap and fresh as todays. Judging by the number of people fishing along the river, and the bags they were filling with fish (and bringing to the restaurants), I have a worrying feeling the lunch may have been fresh out the Danube…

The added weight of all the food and water, along with the persistent headwind meant we fell well short of our target for the day.

At least temperatures are slightly higher tonight, and the wind should hopefully keep our tents toasty and dry. Well, toasty at least!


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