If you’re feeling Sombor

Passing into Serbia today, we finally got the first stamp in our passport- exciting times!
But with a bit of a headwind, and the need to withdraw some Serbian Dinars we headed straight for the nearest big town, Sombor.
And once there, we were drawn into the warmth and comfort of a hotel which, while not greatly cheaper than others, is remarkably nice. The kind of niceness where sitting down in our mud splattered rain gear and lycra, you can’t help feel a little self conscious.

The roads (although it being a Sunday) were pleasantly quiet, and all being well, we make Novi Sad tomorrow, and Belgrade the day after.

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  1. Novi Sad?! What a miserable name! Loving the Macko Sajt though. Hope it tastes as good as it sounds!

  2. Dear Guys! I’m thinking of you! Good luck and hope to see you soon. In my eyes you’re so fast, some days pass by and suddenly you’re again in another country…Take care!

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