In Garmin we Trust

Today started off so promising- an early rise to a beautiful sunrise, we were packed and ready to roll by 9. Having bought supplies for a couple of days in advance, we needed only to get as much water as we could carry. Annoyingly though, the day was full of twists and turns, as we struggled to find the route dictated by the Garmin. The inadeqautely scaled map of Turkey showed no more than a summary of towns and roads, and the Garmin seemed determined to lead us through the mountains again.

We pushed on, stopping off for more water supplies (along with offers of free tea and eventually nuts and wafers!) in a small town petrol station. After lunch though, it seemed increasingly odd that the Garmin was constantly telling us to go a different way to that marked on the map- until I realised that the route on the Garmin was one plotted in Belgrade over a month ago, whereas the route on the map was an alternative we came up with in Istanbul….

By the end of the day we’d covered more kilometers than planned, but by zig zagging our way across turkey didn’t even make our target for the day. With the sun beginning to set, we once again found ourselves struggling to find somewhere to camp in the midst of all the farmland. Eventually though we found a small patch of rough land, covered with spikey plants, but otherwise fine.
Once cleared, we even managed to build ourselves a little wall of tumbleweed, to shield us from the road. Very homely.

Tomorrow we aim for the salt flats. Definitely time to make sure we have enough water.


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