Into the fog (Bulgarian Roads pt3)

Only about 60k from the Turkish border, another puncture in Craig’s tyre led us into the warmth of a petrol station diner. Only when we sat down did we realise how tired we were, and with that decided that if possible we’ll stop at a hotel in Elhovo, where we can rest up before heading into Turkey.

Being low on money, that depends on two things though- finding a hotel, and finding a cash machine.

Although the terrain has finally started to improve (only a couple of climbs so far today), the fog has been unbelievable, and hasn’t lifted all day.
Coming down a hill today, you could barely see in front, and avoiding the potholes became almost a game.
Nothing compared to yesterday though- the roads on the mountain sides resembled a minefield at times, there were so many holes. Not much fun negotiating when hurtling around bends at 40kph…
Interestingly there were plenty of workmen on the road, but their approach seemed to be to first enlarge all the holes ready for filling, before actually fixing any…
Still, all in all it was a fairly good route over the mountains, and now that we’re back on the 7 things have smoothed out nicely.

And now on into the fog. The diner served lunch with a pot of garlic flakes. I ate half a pot, and now feel like there’s a hole burning through my stomach. Urgh….


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  1. Garlic – the fuel of athletes.

  2. You guys ROCK!

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