It’s Coffee Time! Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee!

I woke this morning with the feeling of an MSG hangover- groggy, spaced out and generally not so hot. The overnight flight from ‘Pore has left me feeling somewhat rough.
Good thing then that we’re taking a couple of days “holiday” now! The weather, while warm, is rather grey and wet, so we’ll probably save the sea for another time. Instead we drove inland through Karunda and Mareeba and visited the Skybury Coffee Plantation. Coffee is something of a requirement today, as I try and get over any jetlag and general lack of sleep. It was also interesting to find out that the most expensive type of coffee been available is one which is defecated by a cat before roasting. I can’t wait to get a cat and start force feeding it raw coffee beans.
One of the most exciting things had to be the coffee bean harvester – a real monster of a machine, about three metres high. And at the steering wheel? Why a bicycle seat of course. Genius. I’ll have to tell them about mine.I haven’t been somewhere this green and beautiful since I can remember, and the views of the plantations on the mountain side are stunning. Almost as good as seeing a family of kangaroos happily chilling out on a golf course (much to the delight of the golfers wanting to play through).

Looking out from the mountain tops though, it makes you realise just how vast Australia is. Even with the clouds clinging closely against peaks, you can see the valleys below stretching out, filled with rain forests and plantations. I can only hope we manage to stay low down and avoid the mountain climbs!

Tomorrow it’s a trip out to sea hopefully, to check out the reefs, before returning back and picking up some last minute supplies for the trip.
And hopefully a chance to hand off to Ash some extra gear that’s not needed (I think Jack was preparing for the worst when he packed his thermal buff!).


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