It’s Tiger Time

Vegan BurgerWith bike (re)packed, it’s time to say goodbye to the comfort, cushions and air conditioning of Singapore, as we head off to Australia. I’ve had a great time relaxing with my friends over the past week (even if I would never admit that to Lando), but that apprehension of the unknown will fade away in an instant, I’m sure, once I’m back on the bike.
Chezu tinbade Sam and Orlando, and all the best with Woods Equestrian!The Most Royal EnfieldI’ve also made the most of my time by checking out all the local bike shops. Rodalink has to be one of the best stocked shops in Singapore (although a shame that Zac was never in!), and if anyone’s passing through who loves a hint of the vintage, the TR Bikes (aka Cycle Pimps) where my beloved Selle Anatomica was born is definitely worth a visit.

As, incidently, is Vegan Burger, where they have amazing… vegan burgers.

The break from cycling has made me fat and lazy, but I have no doubt that I’ll soon whip back up into shape and be roaring down the road towards Sydney, and seeing friends Down Under!

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  1. Good work on your arrival! Soon be winter in Australia…

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