It’s What All the Pro Cyclists Do

Ah, it’s the moment I come to look forward to at the end of each leg. The part which fills me with dread and joy, as we hit the streets and scour the dark underbelly of the alleyways for cardboard.
Of course being Japan, there are no such places. Instead, we found neatly stacked piles of card in assorted sizes, ripe for the picking.

The flights being to America, we’re able to take two pieces of luggage, but neither more than 20kg. Which meant not being able to pack out the usual bike box full of panniers.

A quick rummage around the carboard piles, and a few bewildered stares from onlookers later, and soon we had enough to build beautiful board suitcases. Herding them into the hotel room unnoticed was a little more challenging though.

Oh yes it’s cardboard night, and the feeling’s right, oh what a night….

Img02111-20110713-2218 Img02112-20110713-2231

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  1. Much as I admire your journal writing, Cliff, I wouldn’t give up your day job in favour of poetry or song-writing. Being Japanese, I suppose those boxes will easily fold into exactly the shape you want and finish with some pretty embelishment. Happy packing, guys.

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