Jet Boy Jet Girl

Catching a flight at 7am (and getting up at 3.30am) isn’t by itself a terrible thing. No traffic on the way to the airport, nice quiet check in desks….
What is a pain is having to spend thousands of pounds on business class tickets to an unknown destination….

I suppose I’ve been fairly lucky so far with transport, so it’s about time something went wrong. Walking up to the counter, and casually handing over the passports as usual, we were told we weren’t allowed to check in for the flight unless we had an exit flight booked from japan. We obviously explained that we didn’t (I’m wondering in hindsight how far we’d have gotten if we had lied…), and that we’d been booking singles around the world. Alas this wasn’t an option for japan, and they advised us to at least buy a (refundable) ticket from someone and cancel it after entering Japan.

After a few minutes briefly scrambling on the free internet in the airport (by this time we had 30 mins before check in closed), we bought through Jetstar as we at least knew their cancellation policy.

I’ve never bought a business class ticket before, and certainly not one to an unknown destination.
Fingers crossed all goes well with the refund…..

The flight itself (once the plane took off) was fine. Jetstar flights are rather comfortable, assuming you’ve brought your own food and entertainment. Food in this case took the form of a reduced pack of out of date chili macadamia nuts. Still, beats the in flight meal options.

Arriving in Japan though, it all feels rather real. Another country, and another leg. Luckily we were picked up from the airport- struggling with two bike boxes into the city on a sunday night (in the heavy rain no less), would not have been an enjoyable feat.
Tomorrow we’ll get the bikes built and hopefully actually decide on a route to take across the country.

But for now, its time to don the yukata and get some good sleep….

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