Kurban Bayram

Spending the day in Eskisehir has been a great reprieve from the (admittedly brief) start since Istanbul. It’s a great city to have looked around, and the hospitality is such that I’ve never experienced before. Their enthusiasm for all things bike-like also makes me feel excited and in awe.
The one exception to all this peace is sleeping in a tent so close to a mosque- I’ve always thought the call to prayer was pleasant enough in the background- not so much when it wakes you at 5 in the morning, followed swiftly by roosters!!!!

It will be sad to leave….


Wake Up Call (84 KB)

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  1. Haha chair good your world tour finish send your home hand made chair ;))

  2. Haha, loving the call to prayer. And is that a chair..?

    1. It is indeed a chair- made of old bike tyres, rims and tubes. When I get to ‘Pore, guess what’s happening to the wheels on your scooter….

      1. I wouldn’t know Cliff as I own a steed, not a scooter.


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