Leaving The Entrance

Leaving Newcastle was rather a rather relaxed affair this morning. We were escorted out of the centre by Jacqui, we made our way along the Fernleigh track, an old rail line converted into bike path, leading the way to Belmont. From there, is was a simple case of following the coastal routes down. From the map we had high hopes for miles upon miles of water lined roads and scenic causeways. The reality was more hills, waterfront houses, and thick woodland. Still, despite that we were able to find a beautiful, quiet area to have lunch and look out at the ocean views.

We cycled as far as The Entrance before the weather decided to turn and the rain came pouring down…

We abandoned the bus shelter we were hiding under, and continued on for a brief while, before giving in and pulling into a small park. With its sheltered bench, it looked pretty inviting for both a cup of tea, and ultimately to camp.

Tomorrow we reach Sydney, after sneaking in the back door, and avoiding the busy main roads altogether.
I’m not holding my breath for nice weather. In fact, I hear its meant to be rather windy….

As a “farewell to Australia” meal, we cooked up a feast of pasta with tomato pesto, veg, chorizo and grated cheese, washed down with a few beers and a cheesecake.
The beers and tiredness have taken over now. Setting up my tent in the rain has never felt so unappealing…

I’m glad we don’t have too far to cycle tomorrow…..

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  1. Sounds like the perfect celebratory dinner; hope you enjoyed it :)

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