Leg 2: Asia

I’ve finally arrived in Mumbai, to begin the second leg of the journey, and cross India.

The next step is to rendevouz with Stu by the Gateway of India, and start our journey Eastwards. With Craig having returned to the UK after the New Year, it’ll just be the two of us continuing.

It’s been a long Christmas break, longer than planned, with a lot of eating and a lack of exercise. Its going to be hard to get back into the saddle, and harder still to contemplate the reality of life on the road. But at least I’ve put the weight back on that I lost through Europe.

Flying here with Air India was smooth and comfortable. But even better was the taxi ride over, with the bike box strapped onto the roof, and me wondering when it would get shaken off. Just hope I manage to assemble it into one piece when I build it tomorrow.
Impressions of Mumbai so far, the little I’ve seen from the taxi, have been of an immensely vibrant city. Above the flat jigsaw formation of tin roofs on dusty low lying homes squeezed between the buildings of the city, dozens of colourful kites were spinning in the air.
It’s a strange contrast to places we’ve been so far, but I’m excited about being here.


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  1. Bro, only got your text message late at night, when you were already on the plane. Did you manage to get an mp3 player before you left? Have an awesome start – enjoy India.

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