Like a Circle in a Spiral Like a Wheel within a Wheel

Today’s ride from Tomamae was short and sweet. I don’t think we’ve finished before midday before, and its rather nice having the entire afternoon stretched out before you to wash clothes, body, and mind.

Riding quickly past the enormous wind farms (the largest in Japan), the permanence of the wind is clear, as the towering propellers spin above us.
We followed the coast for no more than 50km, arriving back at the Rider’s House in Rumoi. It was nice being back here, almost like returning to a familiar home. Once inside, we soon saw several familiar faces: the excitable cyclist we met at the campsite in Hamamasu who told us about the rider house; the motorcyclist who seemed to have remained sat in the corner with a grin, a cigarette and a sake; the young cyclist who we met while sat on the grass in Soya, the Northern most point of Japan.

But as friendly as everyone is, once it gets past 9pm, all I want to do is sleep…

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  1. er…what are the last two pictures telling us…?

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