London Calling

London, but as you’ve never seen it before.
Even with all the familiar names and places here – Oxford St, Richmond, Lambeth, St Paul’s Cathederal and even the River Thames – it is most definitely not home. Plus it gets very confusing when people ask where you’re from:
“I’m from London. The other London”.

But at least we made it here eventually. Not of course that navigation is complicated- during the course of the day we were essentially on two roads. But the cold start to the day, coupled with the howling headwinds we struggled into all the way made for a very slow and arduous ride.
It was also amazing to find how rural everything seemed again. Although houses regularly dotted the sides of the road, vast fields of corn and soy were the main sight in Canada, almost to compete with North Dakota.

I’m also quite certain that everyone we spoke to was confident that the prevailing wind direction was from the West. As if to reassure us, the freezing cold wind blew that way without a pause all throughout the grey and chilly evening yesterday. Still, it was nice being a bit cooler and being able to actually get into my sleeping bag for the first time in weeks, comfortably settle down for the night while the wind whipped harmlessly against the outside of the tent.
What wasn’t nice was waking to the headwind.

Still, by the time night fell in London (the other London- the small one), the wind had died down. We had a small dinner in a vietnamese restaurant with our host, who seemed to have no shortage of knowledge of North American history. Ironic, that I learn more about the United States the moment I leave the country…

Tomorrow I can only hope is less windy. Or even better: more windy but in the right direction.

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  1. The weather seems about right there, cold, wet and blowy. Get used to it!!!

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