Maple Syrup Tears

Anyone who knows me will know that there are two things that I love: Ghostbusters, and Maple Syrup.
After finding out that I had narrowly missed the opportunity to visit Maple Tree farms in Ontario, on the route from London through to Brantford, I was heartbroken enough to decide to splash out and buy a bottle from the local supermarket and carry it with me for the rest of my trip. Although it wasn’t hugely cheap, and although it felt like it weighed a good couple of kilograms in its heavy glass bottle, I proudly carried my new possession out in the shopping trolley ready to pack it into my panniers.
Until it slipped, and smashed. 
No one has experienced sorrow, as I have at the sight of my newly beloved bottle in a thousand pieces on the floor, knowing full well that’s we’d just spent the last of our cash on this.
For a brief (insane) moment, I wondered if I could somehow rescue any of the liquid from the shards of glass and dirty floor.
I’m pleased to say self restraint was just enough to stop me….
Aside from this tragedy (for it was nothing less than that), the day brought with it the what we have come to expect from Canada – pushy drivers, ferocious headwinds, and persistent rain.
We ate lunch huddled in a bus shelter, trying to escape the weather for the brief period that we were eating, though by then we were thoroughly soaked.
Following highways also didn’t lend to particularly fun cycling experience, and it was a relief to finally start along some of the quieter country lanes past vineyards, that lead towards St Catherines.
Luckily, the one thing that Canada has which makes up for all our other… “mediocre” experiences are people. Everyone we’ve stayed with has been exceptionally friendly, exceptionally generous, and exceptionally hospitable.
This evening, aside from being in a wonderful house and having a great evening relaxing in good company and with delicious food, I also enjoyed my first taste of Cognac. It’s the kind of drink that I could easily imagine being addicted to. Probably not a good thing.
I also discovered this evening that Dan Akroyd has a vineyard around here. It seems that Canada now has two of my favourite things: maple syrup and Ghostbusters.
And cats.

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  1. You forgot one of your shirts . … Navy blue …. Wisconsin rowing? What’s your address so we can send to you ….. see if it gets to England before you!

  2. Love it!

  3. Does that road sign mean you should rush across the road chasing elusive balls? Or is it a brief case with see-through handle?
    A positive view would be that you may have converted all your Canadian hosts into more considerate drivers (probably preaching to the converted). Sounds like things will get better.

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