Petzl eLite+Petzl eLite+
£19.50 from Simply Hike.co.uk

Small, compact headtorch designed for emergencies. Comes in a water-resistant, shock-proof case, and weighs a mere 27g.
I liked this torch because with the cycle light, mp3 player torch, the head torch is a supplement which is useful for the campsite. It still manages to have a relatively strong beam, with several different modes and a good battery life. What’s more, it’s really comfortable, and light enough so you don’t have to keep a really tight strap around your head.
Red and white flashing and constant beams to give plenty of options.
It even has a whistle which doubles up as the adjustment strap, for use in emergencies!

I was also pretty impressed with the battery life on this – throughout Europe I only had to change the batteries once (though it’s a good idea to carry a couple of spares in case they become harder to find further down the line).


Powerful enough for most uses without being intruding
“10 year lifetime”

Not designed as a “full time” head torch


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