Sleeping Bag Liner

Jag BagEndura Hi-Tech Mummy Silk Sleeping Bag Liner
~£28 from

A great quality, affordable silk sleeping bag liner.
I really like the flexibilty of having a sleeping bag liner – you can always ensure that you’re rapped in something comfortable, even when it’s hot. A silk sleeping bag liner will add a little warmth to any bag, but more importantly (for me),  it’s about keeping the sleeping bag clean and fresh.
The quality of the bag seems great, with solid stitching and strong, soft material.
The price on the website is in NZD, so varies depending on the exchange rate, but it does include shipping so it’s great value for money.

I’m amazed how well this has survived, considering the amount I thrash around at night.


Great value
Comfortable material
Good workmanship
Adds warmth
Keeps your bag clean
Cool(?) Tie-dye like colouring

Tie-dye like colouring?


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